Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! It's great to be back. To be honest, I never really got started on this blog like I really wanted to. But now, I'm back and determined to write for my own sake, to tell my story, and hopefully, entertain everyone along the way.

2005 was a real shit year and I am welcoming 2006 like a motherfucker. My husband's mother passed away this Spring. 2 months later, a co-worker of mine, Sandy Estopinal of Chalmette, LA, a wonderful friend and mother of three children, was killed by a train. Then, the whopper....Hurricaine Katrina on August 29, 2005.

My husband and I were in Cabo San Lucas on vacation at the time and a friend was taking care of our house, my 4 cats and dog, Kirby. The eye of the hurricane passed over our home in Slidell. I'm sure many of you saw the coverage of Slidell, LA on CNN or one of the other news channels. I watched the images of Hurricane Katrina on CNN Mexico in the Hotel Finisterra Business Center in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Looking at the images on television, my husband and I thought we had lost everything, including my pets, with the massive flooding that occured, or so that was reported through the media.

I will elaborate more on that further. (Lesson Learned - don't believe everything your see and hear reported by the "media" or what you see on television. I will abbreviate this term in future postings as LL).

Of course, New Orleans is getting all of the media coverage, as opposed to St. Bernard Parish, Slidell and the Missisippi Gulf Coast. I have SO much to tell you all first-hand about aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the stories of people who live here, those who have left and are unable to return and the stories of those who died.

I recently resumed work in the Central Business District for a month at a large law firm. I resigned on Thursday after being there approximately 30 days. The guy was just WAY to big of an asshole. I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions, but one thing is FOR SURE, I will not put up with an asshole and I'm tired of being barked at.

All I have to say is MOLD....People watch out.


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